Barn Yarn Review

Sat 22 April 2017

Ever since 2015 began, there has been a surge in popularity for “find – the – object” games, where basically a person has to find certain objects from a given location; these objects have to be found in order to complete missions or tasks. Barn Yarn is one such game. The premise of the game is that Grandpa Joe and Grandson Tom have just bought a new farmhouse and they plan on buying a tractor. To get money for the tractor they decide to sell off some old objects to make extra money. Players must try to complete tasks by finding objects in order to obtain cash (which can also be obtained from applying a Barn Yarn tips). The game is available for download on iOS and PC.


The game mechanics are extremely simple. The controls follow a simple point and click format for finding the objects. The player will have to fulfill the requests of buyers who are willing to purchase some of Grandpa Joe’s old objects, but be careful, if you take too long to find an object, the buyers will become impatient, and the price of your objects will drop drastically, thus causing a decrease in the amount of cash you obtain. During the game play, the player will also be faced with certain challenges, such as ‘more the merrier’, where all orders are for several items or ‘find 20’ where 20 of the same object have to be found.




The game is very intuitive and addictive. However, the one thing that does seem to get irritating sometimes is the time factor; sometimes the difficulty level of the game doesn’t seem to match up with the time provided; the guide can help here, but more on that later. The makers of this game were also the makers of Gardenscape, a game of the same genre, which picked up popularity right after its release. The game play of Barn Yarn is reminiscent of Gardenscape in fact; just the landscapes and story line are different. Overall, the game is extremely fun and challenging and is highly recommended for puzzle game lovers.

As mentioned before, the time given for completing the tasks does tend to get irritating at times. Hence the best workaround for this is to use the Barn Yarn, which enables a player to obtain an unlimited amount of cash.

By ldr, Category: game